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So I’m going to have to put Forest up for lease or sell him. There’s so much going on that I can’t keep up with everything and I’m falling behind on bills, Forest’s board being the main one. It’s not fair to Bob or Forest.

Being an adult fucking sucks.

  -  28 March
I'm not the Shizz

  -  25 March

I also no longer have a bank account, apparently, so I can’t really set up a paypal account for donations or anything, so I’m kinda stuck in what to do. Merp.

  -  25 March

Anonymous asked: What did happen to forest? Do you still have him? Does he have a new good home? Did you manage to find a job yet? Tumblr misses you and the kitty posts and stories about your hubby and everything.

Ahah. Ahah. hah. hah. Yeah. Forest is still mine for the time being. I’m trying to scrape up the money to pay for this boarding this month and next. I’m still trying to find a job [on the side note of jobs: The reason I couldn’t get one is because my lovely almost-ex-husband wouldn’t let me actually apply places/would sabotage my chances.] 

So yeah. That’s a rundown on things, as unfortunate as they are. I’m going through a divorce, I’m struggling to find a job and a new apartment and struggling in general to keep my horse.

  -  25 March

Alright, so I really need to get these boots sold and now I’m gonna sell my saddle since I’m not using it so.

Dublin On Air Field Boot size 9.5, 13.5 wide, 18 tall. Still have the tags and the box. Asking $120, plus however much shipping will be. 

Brown saddle for sale, asking $140 plus however much shipping will be. No brand name, size 19, medium tree width. I’ll include the girth, leathers, and irons. Shoot me a message and I’ll get pictures for you.

I’ll take the best offer on either of these things, I just need the money asap. 

We’ve cut back on so much that I don’t even have a cell phone right now. We dropped the internet, cut back our electricity usage, I had my cell phone turned off and we dropped insurance on one of the vehicles we have. 

And it still wasn’t enough.

  -  15 January

Being an adult means making really hard decisions, no matter how much it’s going to break your heart. 

And the purpose of this post is to say that I’m going to be selling Forest. 

Because we just can’t do it. I can’t scrounge up the $350 I need for his boarding. I can’t. And this sucks. It sucks I hate not having a job and I hate being depressed and this isn’t helping at all. 

I just… need to get to a phone and tell Bob.

If someone could perhaps walk me through setting up a donate button, that’d be kinda grand. 

  -  26 December
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