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thatcuriouskat said: I'm sorry to hear that things have fallen apart so catastrophically in the last several months. :( Didn't realize your marriage was on the rocks like that, and it sounds like your ex husband is being awful about things. Soon you will be done with him and will be able to focus on rebuilding. Keep your head up. xoxo

Ah, it’s alright.
It’s been on the rocks for… Well, since before we got married, really. There were some okay times. The bad far outweighed any sort of good, though, especially when it came to the abuse and whatnot.

I’m doing fine now! I just really miss my horse and now that I’ve got a job, I’ll be able to start paying Bob back for all the time I’ve missed and keeping up with everything.

Forgot to mention that the divorce will be finalised at some point this month and that in the process of him acting like a child, he shut down our joint bank account and left me with no money.

  -  13 May

Alright, update post like I promised.

I have a job now - finally. It’s not a great paying job (hence using feature points for extra cash) but it’s a job.

We’re living in a hotel room right now, in Irving.
We being my boyfriend and I.
We’ll be staying there another month and then hopefully we’ll be in an apartment by July. That’s what we’re hoping at least.

We had to get rid of all of our cats, since Eric opted not to take any of them and that left me with 5 cats and a dog.
We still have Lukace.
We have no furniture or anything but that’s okay because I’m not worried about furniture right now.

Hopefully I’ll be able to return to updates and regular blogging on here soon once I get used to the hours where I work.

Uhhhh… Beyond that I guess if y’all have any questions just shoot me a message and I’ll get to it when I can?

So I’m going to have to put Forest up for lease or sell him. There’s so much going on that I can’t keep up with everything and I’m falling behind on bills, Forest’s board being the main one. It’s not fair to Bob or Forest.

Being an adult fucking sucks.

  -  28 March
I'm not the Shizz

  -  25 March
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